American Monsters

The idolization of the evil murderer is a uniquely American entity. Either that, or I've just never been exposed to the monsters that live in other countries. Still, as a Canadian, I can attest to the fact that we have our own demons up here. But nobody knows about them because we refuse to let... Continue Reading →



Depressed people are keeping capitalism afloat. Sorry, that has no basis in fact. But it could be true for all anyone knows. I took a stance against that voice in my head that tries to keep me in line. I haven't the foggiest idea how it happened. Today is my kind of day after all,... Continue Reading →


It's been about a month since I left Mt. Milligan. I miss the people. A lot. I miss the routine and the food, and just the general feeling I had while there. It wasn't a great one, but it was good for me in that I'd been put in a position where I didn't tolerate... Continue Reading →

What’s love got to do with it?

I'm having a hard time getting emotionally invested in much lately. I'd like to hazard a guess that it's got a lot to do with being unemployed. While my physical dimensions, facial hair and attachment issues suggest to the contrary, I'm actually not one of those people who thrives off of sitting around doing nothing.... Continue Reading →


To quote the only musician who jives with me, Marina and the Diamonds: "I wanna stay inside all day. I want the world to go away." It isn't that today is a bad day. It's just not a good one either. It started off really well. I finished a new short story I'm going to... Continue Reading →

Midnight man

I've had a backlog of post ideas this last week, so this one might not be tremendously coherent. I should really be sleeping right now. Unlike, say, two nights ago, the Ezekiel's wheel in my mind isn't rocketing through the sky quiet as fast as usual. How have I been? It's hard to say. There's... Continue Reading →

Green Jersey

I don't have a jersey but I have my words. I've wanted my words so much this last week and yet they keep failing me. Maybe it's because I feel guilty. I didn't know those people, after all. I'm not a part of the athletic community; and every time I sit down and try to... Continue Reading →

Howl’s Moving Castle

This book wasn't what I thought it was going to be. Odd, given that I've never seen the Studio Ghibli masterpiece based on it; but the tone of that movie wasn't difficult to get from the trailers I saw. In any case, one of my all-time favourite fantasy romances, Master of Crows by Grace Draven,... Continue Reading →

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