Face Up

If you suffer from mental illness, as I do, I will empathize with you. But my tolerance for sympathy only extends as far as how you handle your demons. Unless debilitated, it is, in my opinion, our responsibility to look after ourselves. That includes getting help, knowing what works for us, going on medication and... Continue Reading →


Define: maturity

It isn't being older or wiser. It's knowing that this isn't fair; it's accepting that we're all going to die; it's living in the thick of things; it's being able to pull back the curtain but still accept that the little old man was once Oz the Great and Powerful; it's getting out of bed... Continue Reading →

Eat Pray Love

This is a new level of gay for me. That sentence is proof of the fact that the darkness in the world has gotten under my skin since I stopped being both physically and intellectually a child. Still, I find it a little--well, not sad, but just noteworthy that I of all people decided to... Continue Reading →

Outside the cave

In life lately, I've been feeling flat and numb. That's not to say there's not moments where I don't feel things. It's just that I feel like I've been keeping myself in an emotional quarantine. I blogged once about wanting to be like the X-Men character Emma Frost. She, who is a cold-hearted slag who... Continue Reading →


I wish I could swim in my memories. Without looking, I'd leap from the edge and into those churning waters. My body would float, and I'd glide by all those moments that I took for granted.

Only Human

Among the fruit basket of mental maladies I've had this last summer (and beginning of fall) the strangest was a panic attack that occurred in the shower. Like sitting on a mode of transportation, the shower is a place where many interesting thoughts drift into the minds of people. Mine, though, didn't so much spark... Continue Reading →


Buckle up. This is going to be a long one. I've been on the lookout for fake people for most of my adult life. In fact, I would say that after a lifetime of experiences with people lying to my face, letting me down, and speaking with forked tongues, my alertness is almost fifty per... Continue Reading →


I committed murder today. Okay not really. It honestly doesn't even feel like I did, but the metaphor is dramatic. I'm nothing if not a sucker for theatrics. In any case, I had some terrible dreams involving bloody death, so I guess it's stuck in my flytrap of a mind. What I mean by murder... Continue Reading →


September proved to be hell for me. Almost directly after my twenty-sixth birthday things spiraled in my personal life. My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer; my mother left to go be with her. I started working full-time hours briefly. I got another rejection letter for a short story. Things piled up, and as they... Continue Reading →

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